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There are many different types of Liquor Licences available, listed below are a few with the type of establishment they would relate to. We will be able to advise you as to the correct licence for your establishment.

Restaurant Liquor Licence
  This is available to bona fide restaurants and coffee shops. The requirement is that regular meals are
available, and have a comprehensive menu.
Liquor Store Licence
  This is an off-consumption licence. i.e. No alcohol is to be consumed on the premises.
Special Licence (Tavern)
  This is an on- consumption licence, and may be granted to venues such as pubs & sports bars.
Special Licence (Other)
  This may be granted to establishments that provide entertainment i.e. Nite Clubs, TAB / Tattersals, restaurants with live music and conference centres.
Grocers Wine Licence
  This licence applies to bona fide general dealers that deal in a wide variety of groceries and foodstuffs.
Special Licence Accomodation
  This may be granted to bona fide accommodation establishments i.e. Guest Houses, Game Lodges, Bed & Breakfasts etc.
Special Licence Eating House
  This licence may be granted to restaurants that have a very basic menu, and basic facilities, or restaurants that provide basic entertainment i.e. pool table.
Club Liquor Licence
  This licence may be granted to bona fide clubs which consist of at least 35 ordinary member, and a minimum annual subscription of R50 per member.( i.e. sporting clubs.)
Hotel Liquor Licence
  This licence may be granted to a bona fide hotel, and which accommodation and meals are regularly supplied to guests. A record of all lodgers must be kept on the licensed premises at all times.
Theatre Liquor Licence
  This licence may be granted to a bona fide theatre, at which dramatic performances, plays, concerts, or films are regularly presented or shown to the public.
Other Licences
  - Sorghum Beer Licence
- Wine Farmers Licence
- Special Licence (Employers)
- Micro – Brewers Licence

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