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(Section 19 Of The Liquor Act 27 Of 1989)

Information Required For Advertising Purposes

Applications for all new liquor licences are advertised in the Government Gazette two weeks prior to lodgement of the application, which lodgement date is always the first Friday of each Month.

In order to enable us to complete the advertisement for publication, the following information must be provided:

  1. Full name, identity number, residential and postal address of Applicant, if a (Pty) Ltd, C.C., Trust or partnership, name, registration number, address of registered office and postal address.
  2. Full details of premises, i.e. shop no, name of building, street name & number and Lot number.
  3. Trading name of business.
  4. Magisterial district.
  5. Telephone numbers, private, business, fax & Cell number.
Information Required For Application

In order to complete the application, the following information is required:

  1. If a (Pty) Ltd, C.C. or partnership, full details of shareholders, directors, members, partners i.e. full names I.D. no’s and addresses, plus no of shares held, and a copy of CK Documents or certificate of incorporation.
  2. Financial interest in the Liquor Trade in the Republic of South Africa of the applicant / members / shareholders / directors / partners.
  3. Financial interest in the business of the applicant / members / shareholders / directors / partners.
  4. Marital status of applicant / members / shareholders / directors / partners, and full name of spouse and I.D. number.
  5. Proof of ownership, or copy of lease agreement, or letter from landlord granting consent to occupy the premises.
  6. Plan of premises, showing the dimensions of each room, all doors, windows and counters, means of internal and external communication and layout of premises, and full details of finishes of the premises. I.e. décor, paintwork, ventilation. Drawing must be to scale.
  7. Locality Map of the area where the business will be situated.
  8. Distance of nearest school, church, and other similar licenced premises.
  9. Short C.V. of Applicant or if company, all members / shareholders.
  10. Menu (If providing meals).
  11. 6 x Photographs of interior / exterior / and road leading to premises.

Other information required will be obtained via email or telephonically.


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