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National Liquor Licences For Distributors And Macro Manufacturers

Information Required
  1. Name of Applicant, if a (Pty) Ltd, C.C. or partnership, full details of shareholders, members, i.e. full names I.D. no’s and addresses, plus no of shares held, and a copy of relevant documentation.
  2. Full details of premises, i.e. shop number, name of building, street name & number and Lot number, plus postal address of business. Proof of ownership, or copy of lease agreement, or letter from landlord granting consent to occupy the premises.
  3. Telephone numbers, private, business, fax & Cell number.
  4. C.V. of Applicants
  5. How married, name and ID number of spouse
  6. Trading name of business.
  7. Business Plan containing the following:-
    7.1  What is the anticipated turnover of the proposed distribution business and how do you calculate this amount?
    7.2  What is the geographical extent of the proposed distribution business?
    7.3  Will the proposed registration result in creation of any new jobs? If so how many and what are the categories of these jobs?
    7.4  Will staff be appointed on a permanent or temporary basis?
    7.5  What human resource development strategy, if any, does the applicant propose?
    7.6  What percentage of the total payroll will be used for human resource development?
    7.7  Do you / will you pay a skills development levy in terms of the Skills Development Levy Act, 1999?
            Proof of payment is required.
    7.8  Will you invest in SMME’s with excellent or good BEE contributions? If so what will be the proposed extent of the investment         and which are the proposed SMME’s to be invested in?
    7.9  To which rehabilitation centre will you donate to, and how much of your profits?
    7.10  What will be the estimated market share of the proposed distribution business?
    7.11  From where will you source the liquor to be sold? (List all suppliers).

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