From a small guesthouse to a hotel; from a caravan park to a game farm; from a bowling club to a rugby club; from a gym to a health centre; from a restaurant to a social club; from a putt – putt course to a golf estate, clients cannot afford to be without new Tourism, Leisure, and Entertainment Policy.

The cover of this policy not only provides for clients’ unique business needs – whether they have a small, large, or part – time establishment – but also caters for their personal insurance.

Extended cover provided by this new policy includes the following:

Buildings Combined

This section also provides cover for contents and includes:

  • Theft cover for contents.
  • Increased personal effects cover of R10 000 while in the building.
  • Bursting, overflowing, leakage, or discharge of water, or oil, from tanks.
  • Property Owners’ liability cover of R2, 5 million.

This section is further extended to include cover for:

  • Falling trees
  • Vehicle loads on premises
  • Watchmen
  • Beverage leakage
  • Garden and water features
  • Trout stock contamination
  • Death of horses and / or Koi fish
  • External signs, blinds, and canopies
  • Deterioration of foodstuffs
  • Damage to buildings by wild animals
  • Goods in the open
Office Content
  • Personal effects cover of R10 000
  • Locks and keys – limit of R5 000
Business Interruption

This section provides for Levies fro the time – share institutions.

Cover extended to include loss of profits following:

  • Murder, suicide, illness, disease, pollution, shark or animal attacks.
  • Damage to property at railroad / air services premises.
  • Death of game.
  • Ventilation failure.
  • Auxiliary power failure.
  • Loss of liquor licence.

Theft other than from a bottle store, bar or liquor / cigarette storage area doesn’t have to be accompanied by visible, forcible and violent entry.

Also included:

  • Loss or damage to buildings up to R10 000.
  • Cost of replacing locks, keys, or access cards for R5 000.
  • Theft of personal effects up to R5 000 for any one person.
  • Theft of guests and customers’ personal effects up to R5 000 any one item.
  • Receptacles insured for R3 000 and clothing insured for R5 000.
  • Locks and keys – cover provided for R5 000.
  • Cover is provided for temporary repairs.
  • The cost of a watchman service is also included.
Goods in Transit
  • Debris removal – covered up to R10 000.
Business All Risks
  • Increase in cost of working is included up to 25% of sum insured.

Cover includes:

  • Damage to the property of visitors and guests and third party vehicles using your parking facilities.
  • Damage caused by vibration or weakening of support up to R20 000.
  • Wrongful arrest and defamation up to R100 000 per event (250 000 in any one period of insurance).
  • Damage caused by dry cleaning of guests’ effects up to R10 000 for any one item.
  • Damage caused by animals whilst being driven, whilst on the insured premises, or temporarily at any other location, or whilst staying or breaking out of the location / premises of up to R250 000 (any one period of insurance).
Electronic Equipment

Theft of laptop computers and portable data projectors does not have to be accompanied by forcible and violent entry.


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