Liquor Law Updates / Newsletter

National Liquor Licences

The National Liquor Act 59 of 2003 was promulgated on the 13th August 2004. All previous provincial “Wholesalers” and “Manufacturers” now fall under this act and had to convert there licences to suit.

All new applications for Distributors (Previously Wholesalers) and Macro Manufactures (depending on production levels and type of product) now fall under this act.

The volume levels for Macro Manufacturers are as follows:-

Type Of Liquor Volume Threshold
Beer 100 million litres
Traditional African Beer
(Sorghum Beer)
50 million litres
Wine 4 million litres
Spirits 2 million litres

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Gauteng Liquor Licences

The Gauteng Liquor Act No. 2 of 2003 promulgated in 2004.

This has led to extensive changes in obtaining liquor licence in Gauteng, new types of licences have been introduced, a lot more motivation is required to obtain a licence, and licence fees increased by over 1000%.

For more information on Gauteng Liquor Licences click here.

Eastern Cape Liquor Licences

The Eastern Cape Liquor Act No 10 of 2003 promulgated in August 2004. Slight changes were made to the act but much remained the same as the Liquor Act 23 of 1989.


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